Covergirl Lashblast Length Mascara

The weekend is finally here, bringing my Spring Break to a close. While I still have a little time left I wanted to review at least a couple products.  One of them being the "famous" Lash Blast Length mascara; the one in the yellow tube.  This has been popping up in magazines and ads everywhere, with claims to make lashes "80% longer" thanks to nylon in the formula and a tiny plastic brush supposed to make application clump-free.

This might be the first Covergirl mascara I've bought since middle school.  It's also my first experience with the newer, synthetic brushes that they use.   At a decent price tag of $6.50 I didn't feel so guilty about trying it.

"Our new Elasta-Nylon™ formula flexes without flaking, giving you extreme, notice-me lashes all day long. Our longest brush ever gives you an 80% longer lash look*. "
*Source: Covergirl.com

How does brush length = lash length? Hmm... Well anyways, I'd assumed that the brush would pick up too much mascara the way the Maybelline Colossal did, but it ended up being my favorite part of application.  It felt soft, and the tiny brush combed through lashes wonderfully. 

The formula is decent, applied easily and with almost no clumping, and covered all of my eyelashes.  It performed better than I thought it would, but started irritating my eyes about 10-15 mins after application.  It added a little length to my lashes, but nowhere near the 80% advertised.  I think 10-20% would be more accurate.  Nylon was listed as the second to last ingredient, so probably not enough in there to matter. 

The look was pretty, but nothing special.  Another downside: it didn't hold a curl and weighed my lashes down within an hour.  It didn't smudge or leave me with racoon eyes, but it did flake.  The Lashblast was surprisingly soft; it didn't leave me with that brittle "mascara" feeling that sends me running to my Full 'n Soft.  This washed/wiped off with little effort, and in that respect alone performed better than my Maybelline mascaras.

 Sans make-up; pre-curler

Finished Look

It gives me more definition at the top of my lashes than my Maybelline, but my doe-eyed curled look fell flat within an hour. Too bad, otherwise this is good stuff.

I might repurchase this, for layering with other formulas or for the brush.  It's a decent, cheap priced formula and I would have liked it a lot more if it hadn't have weighed my lashes down or irritated my sensitive eyes.

3.5 (not very lengething, irritated my eyes, flakes)


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