Your Lipstick Horoscope and more!

Totalbeauty.com keeps me going back daily with all their quizzes, reviews, articles, and a whole lot more.  Today's quiz is a fun and telling one.  Horoscopes can be eerily accurate, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who fits their stellar sign to a T. 
But, did you know that your sign has it's own corresponding lip shade?  Check out Your Lipstick Horoscope and they'll match your sign to your personality and ideal lipstick shades.

So being a sweetheart is part of my sign?  I'm never going to be able to live that down (because let's face it, it's true.)  I'm not a bold lipstick kind of girl either, although sometimes I feel like wearing a bright red or orange lipstick.  I think this Nars shade is dreamy, and it's fun to see how these things turn out-especially when they're correct!

If you're still intrigued, then check out Your Eyeshadow Horoscope for even more Zodiac fun. I think this is based more off of your signs color, because purple is the color for Aquarius.  It's my favorite color though, so I was happy to see it listed and perhaps I'll start wearing it as eyeshadow too!

What's your Zodiac pallete?  Do you agree with your sign shades?


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