Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to post up some Pachamama (that's Mother Earth in Spanish!) friendly causes and links.  Not sure which charity to get involved with?  Check out this website which lists the top 12 environmental organizations who use their donations well or visit Care2 where all you need to do to support a cause is point and click!

What's even better about Care2 is that as you click, you earn Butterfly Points which can then be used to send gifts such as "a day of safe water", "a mesquito net", "a school meal for a child" or to "plant a tree".  Don't see a cause listed that your interested in?  Then you can create one here and get the word out. 

One of the most exciting "green" projects I've read about recently is the Gaviotas project in Colombia.  In a country ridden with crime and the rainforest being cleared, 2 men sought to change the planet- by replanting the barren land with a singled tree, Honduran Pine.  The trees now support a diverse ecosystem with over 200 different species of plants and animals, and 2 villages that are using "green" engineering in amazing ways.  (More on that later).  Proof that by working together and using our creativity, we can change and restore the earth!  Interested in learning more about Gaviotas?  Check out more info. here.

Of course everyday should be Earth Day, so use today as the first stepping stone in a much larger path.  Peace!


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