Mix No. 6 Debuts at DSW

Today I took a much needed break from cosmetics reviews and finally sat down and did some online shoe "shopping".  It's a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, the rain sprinkled little fields of yellow dandelions across my yard (I know, I like them anyways) and I was able to open all the windows and let the fresh air breathe life back into the house.  Spring is finally here, and seeing the cute new shoes from DSW (and the intro. of an awesome new brand!) in my e-mail today has left me daydreaming even more of fragrant breezes and dewy green grass. 

This is a great collection, with a low or mid price range depending on your viewpoint.  I've never heard of Mix No. 6 before, but I'm impressed with their selection.  These pieces look comfortable, and keep a feminine edge to even their gladatior sandels without being extreme or cliche. 

I especially love the lines and curves of the Mia jelly sandal; a multi-purpose flat that gives me the same options as my flip-flops (and more) for $19.95, making it the most affordable piece in the collection.  A once sneakers of sandals (and I mean flip-flops) girl, I've finally grown comfortable into flats and I love their versatility that my sneakers could never give me.  I love jelly sandals, they remind me of sunny childhood days splashing around in water and drenched in the yummy smell of that Coppertone Baby sun block.  Still one of my favorite scents ever.  You could wear these with a swimsuit, dress, jeans, romper, or practically anything else you want and still look downright adorable and a step above the crowd, too.

Most of these sandals come in multiple color choices as well.  This is great especially for anklet-sandels like the Flora beaded flat, which comes in 4 colors.  As a woman with thick calves, I have a hard time finding anklets that fit, and who wants to worry about their jewelry coming off at the beach?  I love effortless pieces that add a lot of style, which make this a top pick in my book.  While one reviewer did complain that "The strap between the toes rubbed against my second toe and really hurt." she had also been wearing them for a un-sandal like amount of walking ("out shopping to test them out", which seems like a good idea but can actually hurt your shoes (and your feet), you wouldn't wear stillettos shopping to break them in).  Other reviewers called them " the comfiest things ever" and "pretty comfy" though another reader also offers up that "They don't have any arch support- but that could be fixed with a gel insert or something. " I like the boho-chic attitude of the majority of these sandals.

Gladiator shoese have been "in" for a while now, and recently I've even dared to wear them.  I love the additional security the strap provides, even though people with thick calves are supposed to stay away from ankle straps, as long as they're low strung I think they look great.  To me, these sandals scream shorts and dresses or skirts.  I found several styles of these that I love, but if I had to choose one it would be the Mix No. 6 Bunch Gladiators.  It comes in just the right shade of gray, and I love the way the soft bunch flowers take it from gladiator to fashionista. 

With a unique twist on basic designs, these shoes are yet another one of the reasons why I love DSW.  Whether you're looking for something tribal, girly, or somewhere in between, chances are you'll find something to love in the Sandal Shop.  I know I can't wait to grab some of these for myself! 

Have you tried any of these?  What are your thoughts or favorites from this collection?


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