Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipgloss

I've been on a bit of a lucky streak lately.  Have I shed my 'picky' skin or am I just on a roll?  Either way, I'm happy!

Happy, because I've found a lip-gloss that answers my long-standing Lip-Smackers complaint.

Lip-gloss was my first introduction to make-up.  Before I was ever allowed to wear lipstick or blush my mom would buy me Lip-Smackers.  I would buy them individually and in tins, all of them with super-yummy smells and a not-so-yummy taste.  I'm more grown up now, but my affection for yummy-smelling tasting lipglosses has endured.  I have criteria for other make-up; but when it comes to lip-gloss all it has to do is taste good and have a pop of color.  I find myself buying a lot of Rimmel's Sweet Jelly lipglosses because they're cheap and they taste yummy.

But then Wal-Mart set up a nice display of these Shine Sensational glosses, each of them with a picture of what it would taste like and in a very nice range of colours.  But I thought they were expensive-$5 a pop!  I passed them up for a long time, until I read the April issue of Glamour which featured a really neat look involving the cocoa lip-gloss topped with Covergirl's Shineblast lipgloss in Ember.

The Cocoa Fever, especially for being a brown shade, looked sheer and beautiful with just the right amount of colour.  Tons of shine!  This gives me super glassy sheen and makes my lips look fuller.  It tasted fantastic, it was Lip-Smackers all grown up and tailored for a woman.  I've already bought 2 and I will be buying more too!

Okay, but back to the formula.  It has good color pigmentation- saturated enough to leave the perfect amount of colour on your lips, but sheer enough to let your natural lip colour peek through or to layer with other glosses.  It's loaded with shimmer, not the obvious chunks of glitter, but subtle flakes in different colours that reflect light and makes lips look fuller.  I love the fact that I can actually layer this with other glosses without it coming off, because I didn't know that was possible.  It has decent staying power, as long I don't eat anything of course.  Then again, these taste so yummy I end up having to reapply it because I keep licking it off, lol.  It's not sticky, even with the thick formula.

It's also surprisingly moisturizing.  I don't wear lipstick because they make my lips crack, and I usually just end up wearing lip balm or Rosebud salve all day.  Now I have another choice, because this gloss leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated even after it's worn off.

I seem to have really good luck with Maybelline, and I will def. repurchase!

4.7 (loses points for price and staying power)


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