Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser

I notice this curious little wand in the make-up aisle everytime I go to Wal-Mart but it took me about a month to finally break down and buy it. 

It's a little less than you get with the regular Age Rewind Foundation (.68oz vs. 1oz respectively) and is formulated slightly different than the original Age Rewind-the eraser contains collagen instead of caffiene. It's packaging makes it the perfect size to throw in my purse; or to use whenever else I'm strapped for time and tools.  With it's built in "sponge" applicator, this stuff can actually travel to the gym, school, or in my purse for application where I need it, when I need it.  Liquid foundation without the mess-finally!

-Patented micro-corrector applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections on skin's surface
-Super-Concentrated formula with Goji Berry and Collagen tightens & improves skin elasticity
-SPF 18 Sunscreen helps protect skin from sun damage
-Clinically proven effectiveness*
*Information taken from Maybelline.com

It has light-medium coverage, antioxidants (Goji berry), and a decent SPF, so this does triple-duty for my skin.  The round applicator (it's a micro-fiber cloth) gets into the corner of my eyes without depositing a bunch of extra color.  You only need to use a few clicks for your entire face; this stuff really spreads!  It takes about 10 clicks or so to "wind it up" initially.

I admit, I bought this stuff for the applicator, and I'm happy to report it's more than just a marketing gimmick like the Loreal Truematch paint roller thing.  This little anti-microbial soft cloth-like cone covers without streaking (as long as you don't over-click I'll assume), feels really gentle and super-soft against my skin, and I don't have to worry about it harboring bacteria.

I didn't intend on actually buying this foundation.  I went to buy a Revlon CS 110 as a blender for my CS 220.  For reference I'm a MAC NW20.  Not really crazy on trying to self-match my shade, so I gave in and got the Age Rewind Eraser instead.  The Maybelline seems to have a more cohesive pink/yellow chart and the 150 looked like a good match.  It was also a little cheaper and I've been wanting to try the Age Rewind forever.

Another Maybelline winner.  I seem to have good luck with this brand.  It's a great color match, just a *little* yellow.

AR's formula is much more creamy than CS, and smells better too.  That being said, it doesn't dry as fast and lacks the staying power.  The coverage with AR isn't as full/thick as the CS either, but still very good.  Doesn't cover my dark circles but they are less noticable.  It's a little more natural/believable and I think I like this one better as my day-to-day foundation.  The coverage is even, and leaves my skin with a nice 'dew' that doesn't look oily or shiny.  I think my skin "breathes" more with this than with CS.  Both have their merits though!  CS is still the better choice for coverage/staying power.

Halfway Through


This stuff goes on wet, so you have to blend a lot.  It feels more like a thick moisturizer than a foundation.  I liked making little circles with the applicator as you would a buff brush with mineral foundation.  It takes a bit longer to dry, but once it does it stays put well and doesn't feel like make-up.I wish there was a way to refill my container and try both!  Still, I would consider this to be HG (High Grade) and very good for the price ($9.89) especially!  I will repurchase this.

4.3 (not as long wearing, takes a while to dry, not as full-coverage as I would like)


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