Maybelline New York Full 'N Soft Mascara Review

I dream of lush, long, thick black lashes that make me look like something right out of a Vargas pin-up.  Unfortunately for me, I have light brown, short eyelashes that refuse to curl.  But hey, my eyes are very pretty and I love to emphasize them when I do my make-up.  Make-up is about creating anyways.

Mascara is probably my #1 can't live without make-up product. Like stranded-on-the-beach-this-would-be-my-one-product.  What to do about remover though? o.O

Of course, I have sensitive, watery eyes that like to eat away at any make-up I attempt to put near them. Because of this, my make-up bag has always been stuffed with at least 3-4 different mascaras, in infusion of duds I don't have the heart to throw away after paying for, and "transition pieces" that are acceptable, but only holding the spot until something better comes along. These came in all different formulas: primers, waterproofs, lengthening, separting, thickening, curling...and ran the gambit from Max Factor to Lancome. Still, I could never get a mascara to not clump up, smudge, or flake-off!

I receieved a free sample of Clinque's lash-doubling mascara a couple years ago; it was a brilliant little tube with mascara on one end and primer on the other. It finally ran out about a couple of month ago and I didn't have the budget or time to travel to the mall and get another one; so I read some reviews on Totalbeauty.com hoping to get some guidance and this mascara kept coming up.

The claims:
thick, creamy formula adds volume without clumping
doesn't irritate sensitive eyes
waterproof and low-smudge
easy to wipe off
less lash fall-out

Okay...no length? I can deal with that if my lashes stop falling out so much! I bought a tube of the waterproof formula for around $9.00 at my local Wal-Mart. My first impressions was that the brush was going to be way too big and make it clump up on me right away like Great Lash did- but it went on smooth, evenly, and CLUMP-FREE!!! I put on 6-8 coats right away, trying to make this stuff clump and it refused! I got very dark, very thick lashes that were so soft I was actually able to play with them...and I did (it gets very addicting after it being such an "off-limits" area for so long!) 1-2 swipes and I was done, and my lashes looked so great I couldn't have cared less about the slight loss of length.

sans make-up or lash-curler; this is my natural look.

I used a lash-curler and then applied about 2 coats.

Long-Term Results:
I've been using this for about 2 months (?) now. The formula has dried out a little, but I still only experience minimal clumping and this is easily brushed off with a spooly brush/lash comb.
It's lived up to it's expectations very well. I do experience a little smudging with this formula, but only after a few hours (4+) or very rough horseplay.
It holds up to water decently; but not water-proof.  In fact, it can be hard to wash off.  I've noticed that after you wash off the mascara, your lashes are left tinted darker-very pretty!
My lashes really do fall out less, and are waayy soft! I think they are actually growing more because I'm not torturing them so much.  My eyelashes seem a little longer, that makes me super-happy!
It doesn't irritate my eyes at all.  It beats out all the "hypo-allergenic" mascaras I've ever tried.
It holds a curl better than any other mascara I've tried-at least half the day if not longer. I just tried the Rimmel Glamlash a couple days ago and had to douse my eyes with water repeatadly throughout the night because of all the flakes and irritation it caused!

I've thrown every other mascara in my bag out; this is, so far, the perfect mascara for me! I do want to buy a tube of it in the regular non-waterproof formula though, because it is very hard for me to wipe off! I will post some before and after pictures soon.

4.8 stars (-.2 for slight smudging and not being water-proof)


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