Lookin' For Love in All the Wrong Places

Don't let the title mislead you, because I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Online shopping is a boon for those of us who love to window shop and/or are looking for variety.  Most of us are searching for those unique pieces that speak to us and that we know someone else didn't grab off the same rack.

With sites like Forever21, ModCloth, and even E-Bay, there's no shortage of great fashion sites or finds.  But here's one you might not have heard of:  the Pyramid Collection.  Well known in "goth" circles for their amazing period throwbacks and spiritual accesories, they also offer a treasure trove of amazing dresses, purses, shoes, jewelry, and so much more.  Don't worry if you aren't into black lipstick or pentagrams, because the clothing here is anything but doom-and-gloom.

Thanks to the good folks at Polyvore, I've been able to create some outfit sets complete with prices and descriptions.  The first one I'd like to showcase is one of my personal favorites-the Kimono dress. I'm not sure which decade to place this in; but it's the stuff dreams are made of.  Can't you just imagine this beautifully detailed slip peeking out from underneath your dress? (and yes, that's a perfume necklace so you can smell incredible and they'll never quite be able to put their finger on why.)

The next piece I'm showcasing is the Zelda dress.  Don't worry if you weren't born a princess, because you can still dress and feel like one (at least you won't have to wait for a 12 year old in a keebler elf costume to come rescue you).  This dress is one of their most beautiful pieces, and perfect for spring breezes and lazy strolls.

Looking to unleash your inner goddess?  Then slip into one of these silky scarf dresses and pour yourself a glass of wine.  My favorite is the blue one, but I love their silky texture and ability to sashay with the breeze or with the toss of a hip.  Now all I need is an island vacation!

Perhaps I'm saving the best for last; I can't quite make up my mind.  The Anastasia dress is soft, delicate, and flowing and speaks to times of yore.  I would balance the feminie attitude of this dress with accessories that give the opposite effect.  The Telltale Heart' in celebration of the author's anniversary.  But am I finished yet? Qoute the raven, "nevermore".  Sorry, couldn't resist.  The glass purse is something Cinderella would have adored.  The necklace is actually a clever take on Edger Allen Poe's 'Add a blazer or the fitted denim jacket below and while you're at it, you might want to invest in a jeweled corset (you know, just in case anyone mistakes you for the real Anastasia).

I know, I said the last showcase was the last, and it was.  The last single piece showcase anyways.  Here are just a few more pieces to strike your fancy and offer proof that the best things really do come in the most unusual places.
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