Kim Kardashian, What Were You Thinking?

I got this in my email today...

It made me sad and disappointed.  Ok, I'm not a big follower of Kim Kardishian; I mean, I never watch her show or anything.  I know her mostly through my magazine addiction, where she has represented the beauty of a womans body (by that I mean CURVES) and I had always applauded her for not letting her cellulite be airbrushed a while back.  That actually gave me the final push to stop hiding my legs all the time and stop critizing my body so hard.  I saw that magazine spread, she looked great.  I thought, hey, cellulite can still be sexy!  I've always loved hips, and let's face it my thigs aren't going to go anywhere anytime soon!  I'm happy with that though.  As long as I take care of my body, keep it strong and healthy, then I should feel sexy.

Of course, I don't feel like that all the time.  None of us do.  But this is why I'm upset to see Kim being a spokeswoman for diet pills.  The message that we should be happy, confident and sexy in our *own* bodies is something so badly needed right now, and she has effectively killed her role in representing that truth.  Must every woman with a little curve and weight be "fixed" and skinny?  NO!  I'm sick of the before pictures looking better than the after.  What happened to "This is the real me, I love my body."? 

Does Kim really need the money to have to do these ads?  I doubt it.

So why then?  I won't give up on myself-confidence and self-acceptance are part of a long journey, of course there are road-blocks on the way.  But what about others, those who haven't reached that mile marker?  Those who are too young and won't get a positive message?  She looked fantastic, there was absolutely no reason to advertise for these.  Diet pills ruined my body so much that my body became unable to sustain pregnancy and my youngest son was born 3 months early.  I worked at a nutrition store for almost 3 years, and I have seen heart attacks in teenagers, permanant thyroid and kidney/liver damage in women and men alike, and a host of other side effects.  These "all natural" diet pills don't help, they hurt!  The whole industry lies and preys on the cultural pressure on women to fit in with the media's popular images.
Speaking of, isn't Khloe a new mom?  These are women in positisions of influence.  They shouldn't be sending that message.  Yes, social responsibility is absolutely real.  Studies and history prove it again and again.

Tell me, is what you notice the cellulite?  I know the things I notice about myself are things no one else is looking at (even though it doesn't always feel that way).  These pics. are proof that you don't need to be super-skinny or have a mannaquin body to be sexy or confident.
Well, sorry Kim, but I'm not all beauty and no brains.  My girl crush has worn off and it's time for me to move on.  Here's hoping you do the same.  If we want to be happy with our bodies, we should change our mindset; not change our bodies to try and make ourselves happy.


Taj Acosta said...

hi doll, I hear ya on this, I had a girl crush on Kim too, but lately I've felt that she is selling out on a lot of publicity things. Kourtney is the one who is a mom not Kloe. But either way, the whole diet pill thing is not cool. xoxo

April 7, 2010 at 5:32 PM

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